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Monday - Friday

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Bradley Pond Professional Center

111 New Haven Avenue    (Rte. 34)

Derby, CT 06418

Phone: 203-734-3329  Fax: 203-734-0222




Special Orders – All special orders will be paid for in full prior to the order being sent to National. There will be NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for this merchandise. You will have 30 days to pick up the merchandise from the time you are called before the merchandise will be put in our inventory.


Holding Merchandise – Merchandise that is normal store items will only be put aside for one (1) business day.

Purchasing Advancement Items – Advancement items will not be sold unless the proper paperwork is turned in at the time of purchase. This includes the advancement report with the blue cards attached.


Council Accounts - Items that are charged to the council account must have enough funds to cover the merchandise, otherwise, the items must be paid for. You will not be allowed to go under a zero balance. Each unit that maintains this account should supply the Scout Store with an updated list of who is allowed to charge against this account.


Unit Accounts - A unit can not come in the council service center and just say charge my account if there is no money in the account. The Housatonic Council is not a bank and can not lend money to units to pay for badges, books, etc. It is suggested there be money in a unit account to draw off of as needed so your treasurer doesn't have to write a check every time something is needed. Only those persons authorized by the unit committee are allowed to withdraw money from the account. Registration, charter renewal fees must be paid in full when submitting any registration. If you have any questions, please call the council service center.

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