Boy Scouts

Boy Scouting Program Requirements & Qualifications

 Unit Requirements: 

  • Minimum leadership positions:

    • 1 – Chartered Organization Representative (CR)

    • 1 – Committee Chair (CC)

    • 2 – Committee Members (MC)

    • 1 – Scoutmaster

  • Unit can have as many Assistant Scoutmasters (SA) as necessary.

  • Minimum of Youth members needed is 5 PAID.

  • No standard renewal date required.

  • Exception to standard requirement:       

    • Units may register with as few as 2 PAID male youth members with prior permission from the Scout Executive.

Adult Leadership Requirements: 

  • Minimum age is 21, except for Assistant Scoutmaster, who may be 18.

  • Leaders can be male or female.

  • Transfers are allowed.

  • Multiple registrations are allowed.

  • Membership fee for 12 months is $10.00.

  • Boy’s Life subscription for 12 months is $12.00.

  • There are no exceptions to standard requirements.

Youth Membership Requirements: 

  • Boy Scouts can range in age from 11 to 17.

  • They must have completed the 5th grade or be 11 years old or earned the Arrow of Light Award but has not reached the age of 18.

  • Boy Scouts can only be male.

  • Transfers are allowed.

  • Multiple registrations are allowed with a Crew, Ship or a Team.

  • Membership fee for 12 months is $10.00.

  • Boy’s Life subscription for 12 months is $12.00.

Troop Open House


The Boy Scout troop open house allows a troop to swing open its doors and roll out the red carpet to welcome guests. It provides a forum to show off Scouting activities and the troop's accomplishments. It is an effective tool to reach youth who have never tried Scouting.

Youth join Scouting for the fun and outdoor adventure. Parents want them to join for completely different reasons—character building and leadership training. Contact our Service Center at 203-734-3329 for more information.

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