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Eagle Scout Resource Page

Important Eagle Scout Information
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Eagle Congratulatory lette
Please Note:
  1. Please call the Service Center and request your Unverified Eagle Application form & use it. Changes can be made on the form if necessary.

  2. The Advancement Committee meets the fourth Monday of the month, except in May and December.

  3. Eagle Candidates

    • To have your project consider for review it must be in one week prior to the meeting

    • Boards of Review - all paperwork must be turned in by the second Monday of the Month to be reviewed for errors and to allow enough time for recommendation letters to be returned.

Eagle Scout Scholarship Applications Are Online


National Eagle Scout Association website


This year, just over 4,500 applications were received for the 109 scholarships awarded. Of those applicants, 937 used the wrong form and thus were immediately rejected. Please consider the time and effort these applicants took to complete the application and to gather reference letters, and their anticipation as they mailed their application and awaited a response. Yet the rule is that they must use the correct application. None of these applicants ever had a chance.


Ed and Caroline Strang Eagle Scout Scholarship Application
Fillable - Ed and Caroline Strang Eagle Scout Scholarship Application
Eagle Scout Coaches
Eagle Scout Project Coaches


Eagle Scout Project Coach Application


Does your unit already have Eagle Project Coaches?  If you require an Eagle Scout Project Coach outside of your unit please contact the Council Service Center at 203-734-3329 x 302 or by email

Eagle Project Coach and Mentor Chart_Pag
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