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Scout Executive Reflects on First Year


Dear Housatonic Council Board members, leaders and friends,


The first year as your Scout Executive has been a very exciting time.  Camp attendance at Day Camp, and Camp Strang increased.  Constant Contact was introduced to inform and stay in touch with our Housatonic Council Family.  During summer camp at Camp Strang we introduced many new programs including a night climb, a night shoot, and a Trek program at Camp Strang.  At Day camp we had a wonderful time being Cub Scout Investigators and learning how to solve a problem scientifically, we even had a Field Trip to the Connecticut Science Museum.

I had the opportunity to work with our Training team in providing a BALOO training, and Cub Leader Specific Training.  Our Boy Scout training team held a successful Minuteman Training.

All of these great new programs and opportunities are not possible without the courage, strength, and support of the Housatonic Council Executive Board, and the Housatonic Council Scouting Family.


John A. Zseller II

Scout Executive

Housatonic Council


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