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Roundtable is a uniformed activity. Please wear yours!

What is Roundtable ?

A message from Todd Hollis, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

(from Pages 15-17 of the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioners and Staff Basic Training Manual -1999.)

It is an important function of the Council where the upcoming monthly Cub Scout program theme in action!

It is a training opportunity for the BSA and a learning opportunity for

                    YOU the Cub Leader
The monthly Roundtables are the most effective medium for getting the Cub Scout program to
                    YOU — the Cub Leaders

A quality Roundtable should be informational — to provide leaders with the "skill-to-do."
Activities at Roundtable must be usuable by the packs in the next month's den and pack meetings.
The best method to teach a skill is to "learn-by-doing."
A roundtable is not entertainment; it is a learning experiecnce. Yet if it is done well, it can be entertaining, too.

  A quality roundtable can also be inspirational — it motivates
                    YOU the Cub Leader

to "Do Your Best" for your Cub Scouts

Attendees receive:
  • Flyers, announcements and information on upcoming Cub and Council events,
  • Roundtable Planning Guide Resource sheet with theme ideas for the coming month.
    The monthly theme of Roundtable is the theme that the Pack will use the following month.
  • Skills and skits to use in your own program
  • A chance at each month's premium treasure.

Roundtable covers:  
  • training topics
  • theme songs
  • crafts
  • skits
  • advancement ceremonies
  • resource items for the different levels of Cub Scouting.

The more members from your Pack that attend, the more your Pack will get out of Roundtable.

Keep your eye out for each month's agenda in your email.
To join the Cub Leader List, contact District Executive Tina Paolillo at the Scout Service Center
by phone at 203-734-3329/ext. 303 or by email at cpaolill@bsamail.org



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